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Do you live in an area of the country that experiences violent summer storms? Perhaps, your garage door was damaged during a recent hailstorm. If you need to replace a garage door, you might want to shop for a different style than the one you currently have. For instance, you may want to swap your wooden garage door for an aluminum one. Or, you might wish to purchase a different color of garage door. By investing in a new stylish garage door, you can completely change the way the outside of your house looks. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you shop for the garage door of your dreams. Enjoy!


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Why Use Torsion Springs On Your Garage Door?

If the extension springs on your garage door have broken, then you don't have to install a like-for-like replacement. You can switch to using torsion springs. What are the benefits of torsion springs? Why should you consider using them?

Torsion Springs Last Longer

Garage door extension springs work by expanding and contracting. When you open your garage door, your springs compress and contract to take the strain to pull the door open. When your door is closed, the springs expand again, which holds the door shut. While this process works effectively, it puts a lot of stress on the springs. Constant expansion and contraction can make the springs wear out more quickly. It constantly expends energy. These springs also typically sit in the open. They are more exposed to external conditions that can cause corrosion and rust. So, these springs are more likely to get damaged or break. You might have to repair or replace your springs more often than you anticipated.

Garage door torsion springs work differently. These springs don't contract or expand in the same way as extension springs. They use twisting movements to open and close their doors. These movements create less stress. Plus, torsion springs sit in a special container. They are less exposed, so they are less likely to suffer from corrosion or rusting. These springs will last longer. You won't need to repair or replace them as frequently.

Torsion Springs Are Safer

Some garage door springs can be dangerous if they suddenly snap and break. This can be a particular problem if your garage door uses extension springs. Extension springs usually sit in the open. If a spring breaks, broken parts can fly across your garage. The energy the spring naturally contains turns it into a potentially dangerous weapon. If someone happens to be in the garage when a spring breaks, they could get seriously hurt. If a broken spring hits a vehicle or anything you store in your garage, then it will cause some damage.

Torsion springs are safer. These springs sit in a shaft container that covers most of their parts. If a spring were to break, then its broken pieces would be contained in its shaft; they couldn't fly around the room. You, your vehicle, and the things you store in your garage will be much safer.

To find out more about garage door springs, contact a local garage door contractor.