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Do you live in an area of the country that experiences violent summer storms? Perhaps, your garage door was damaged during a recent hailstorm. If you need to replace a garage door, you might want to shop for a different style than the one you currently have. For instance, you may want to swap your wooden garage door for an aluminum one. Or, you might wish to purchase a different color of garage door. By investing in a new stylish garage door, you can completely change the way the outside of your house looks. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you shop for the garage door of your dreams. Enjoy!


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Tips To Help You Control The Temperature Inside Your Garage

Now's the time of year in which everyone starts thinking about what they can do to keep things a little warmer over the winter. If your garage is too cold for your taste, there are a few things that you can do. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you keep things warmer in your garage this winter.

Upgrade the Garage Door

If your garage door is outdated, it might be a good time to consider investing in an upgrade. The features included in the design of today's garage door put those old doors to shame. Since you're hoping to control the temperature inside the garage, look for a garage door that is insulated. Other than the temperature difference, you won't even be able to tell that the door is insulated.

Insulate the Existing Garage Door

If the garage door is in good enough condition to get you through several more years, or you just aren't prepared to invest in a new door, you can install insulation on the inside of the existing garage door. You can choose from bubble-wrap like insulation or foam insulation sheets. Both of these materials do a great job in keeping the heat in the garage, but the bubble-wrap insulation is much easier to work with.

Examine the Rubber Threshold

The rubber threshold at the bottom of the garage door is meant to keep water and cold air from leaking in underneath the garage door. Over the years, the rubber can deteriorate and begin to leak. Open the garage door and inspect the seal. If it's damaged, replace it.

Check the Windows

Do the windows allow for a lot of air-loss? Are there leaks around the window frame? Get a tube of silicone caulk and a caulking gun. Run a bead of caulk around the window and smooth it with your finger. This should close up any leaks around the window.

If the windows are old, you would do well to cover them with plastic, as well. Use the shrink-plastic window sets that are sold at your local home improvement store. This way, you'll still get the natural light and be able to see out of the window without losing too much heat.

Talk with your local garage door professional, such as from J & R Garage Door Company Inc., to learn more about what you can do to control the temperature inside your garage this winter. Hopefully, you'll find the solution to the problem with ease.